CHAIRMAN: Charlie Flynn TELEPHONE: (201) 652-2585 EMAIL:
SCHEDULE: 2nd Tuesdays at 10:15 AM LOCATION: Church Ed Building

The mission of the Computer Group (Advanced) is to expand the knowledge of computer users who already know the basics of computer hardware, and are familiar with an operating system and basic user applications such as: web browsing, E-mail, and word processing. The Advanced Group introduces its members to a wider range of user applications (both practical and entertaining) as well as more sophisticated techniques for maintaining and repairing their computers. The group attempts to address the needs of non-hobbyist computer users who want to go beyond the basics as well as the interests of more hobbyist-oriented or "techie" users with strong interests in evolving computer hardware and software technology. At present the group is largely oriented to PC's; however, as more owners embrace Apple (and other) non-PC devices, the group's instructional materials and interests will be expanded to include these technologies.