CHAIRMAN: Bob Willes
SCHEDULE: 3rd Wednesdays 1:00 PM
TELEPHONE: (201) 445-7635
LOCATION: Church Ed Building

CO-CHAIRMAN: Charlie Flynn     TELEPHONE: (201) 652-2585   EMAIL:

The Computers Group provides a practical learning experience for computer users. At each meeting a procedure relating to Microsoft Windows or an application program (such as Internet Explorer) is discussed in detail. A laptop computer and projector are used to display each step of the procedure during the discussion. A set of notes on the topic is distributed to the members present. The notes display the computer screen for each step as well as how-to instructions. These notes aid in the discussion and provide a permanent reference. Of course, questions are welcomed throughout the discussion. In addition, new computer developments and technical items of interest are presented in an Upfront session. Finally, a round-table discussion is held, in which each member can present a computer problem, comment, as well as topics for future meetings.