SCHEDULE: 1st Mondays at 1:30 PM

The Genealogy Group meets via Zoom because the Chairman lives out of the area. Its meetings usually last between one and two hours with six to eleven members present. The monthly meetings help with suggestions and tips on tracing your ancestry. We feel that members can enrich their lives and strengthen their identities by learning about their ancestors and how they lived. To this end, we help each other stay abreast of new sources of genealogical information and new data collection techniques. Scientific advances in these areas, originating with the discovery of the DNA molecule, are being invented almost daily. The genealogy search process can be both rewarding and fun. Were your ancestors noblemen? When and how did they immigrate? From where? Where did they originally settle and when did they move on? How did they produce such a wonderful specimen of humanity as you? Whether or not you share this information is completely up to you. We welcome any member who wishes to learn more about himself through his ancestry to join us.