I'm not a resident of Glen Rock. Does that disqualify me?

No. Membership is drawn from Glen Rock and nearby communities. Our present members live in Fair Lawn, 
Ridgewood, Midland Park, Hawthorne, Garfield, Wanaque, Wyckoff and many others besides Glen Rock.

Do women participate in Club activities?

Each Member and a "significant other" are invited to participate in various social, all-inclusive 
and tour events during the year.

How many activities may / must each member participate in?

There is no prescribed limit.

How are members' dues used?

The Club Treasurer prepares an annual budget for review by the Steering Committee and approval by the 
Executive Committee.  Dues are not used to pay for Activity Group expenses, which are funded by each 
Group's members themselves.

The major expenditures subsidized by annual Club dues include: meeting facilities, The Activities Club 
Newsline, all-inclusive Club functions such as the annual summer picnic, donations, and honoraria.