What We Do

The Activities Club gives each member the opportunity to meet with others 
where they may enjoy fellowship and friendship, share leisure time activities 
and learning opportunities, and, if willing, participate as volunteers in 
individual and community services.

Each of the numerous activities is organized as a group of participants led by
a chairman or by co-chairmen. Each group's meeting place, agenda and frequency 
are up to its members; but most meet monthly in the Education Building of the 
Community Church of Glen Rock. A Club member may join in as many such group 
activities as he desires and may, with Club approval, start new ones.   
The Club holds a general membership meeting on the third Tuesday of each month 
(except three summer months and December) in Fellowship Hall at the Community 
Church of Glen Rock. These meetings start at 1:00 PM and normally include an 
informal "meet and greet" and an interesting speaker program followed by brief 
reports on our activities. 

The Club also disseminates news and schedules through its monthly (except combined 
July and August) newsletter, The NewsLine, its website and its FaceBook Page.

The Community Church of Glen Rock sponsors the Activities Club by making space 
available for its various meetings and activities. The Church does not influence 
the Club's operations or activities.