Who We Are

The Activities Club is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization for retired and 
semi-retired men. Its main goal is to provide a lively focus for the socialization needs of senior 
men through participation in group activities of their own choice and design. There are about 20 
such activities in which each of the approximately 120 members may choose to participate. Members 
also enjoy monthly general meetings featuring interesting speakers, as well as trips and events at 
little or no cost. For all this benefit, Club membership dues are a bargain at only $40 per year.  
Members of The Activities Club reflect the diversity in backgrounds, views and life experiences of 
their communities. The Club also sponsors at least two annual festive gatherings for members, their 
spouses and guests. This diversity greatly enriches members' enjoyment of life. 

The Community Church of Glen Rock sponsors The Activities Club by making space available for its 
various meetings and activities. The Church does not influence the Club's operations or activities.